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  • Elk Lake Park

    Elk Lake Park

    ‘Elk’lectic Lake By Jeremy Leete Patiently watching his rod tip, looking for the slightest quiver, Josh awaits his next bite. Fingertips soiled in fish egg slime, he brings his half-smoked cigarette to his lips and takes a satisfying drag. “Any luck so far?” I inquire. “Lotsa bites,” he mutters without turning his head. “These rainbows…

  • The Magic of East Sooke Park

    The Magic of East Sooke Park

    Drifting Towards the Elements By Sandy Carter We walk with purpose along the dirt trail and come to a large fallen Douglas fir. I adjust the strap on my tripod so it rests securely on my back and position my camera protectively. Placing both hands on the trunk for balance, I raise my leg up…

  • Where to Ski on Vancouver Island

    Where to Ski on Vancouver Island

    Mount Washington Mount Washington is legendary in North America for its crazy amount of snowfall. An average year will see over 10 metres of snowfall. That’s over 30 feet! Providing choice terrain for those on a snowboard or skis, the runs vary from steep and difficult to extremely kid friendly (including a series of new…