West Coast


Photo by: Laurissa Cebryk

The west coast of Vancouver Island is as unique as they come. For some, the photographs look unbelievable. Fairy tale groves of towering trees make up temperate rainforests and a percentage of B.C.’s remaining ancient growth trees. Beaches of soft sand span distances as far as the eye can see. Surfers catch waves, decked out in thick wetsuits year-round. Off the coast, fishermen reel up some of the largest chinook salmon you’ve ever seen.

The coast is a place of wild and rugged beauty unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Many come for the hiking and outdoors aspects, but there’s something to be said about the relaxing atmosphere, soothing forests and calming cadence of the ocean, too. Spas and yoga retreats seem to fit in with the chilled out vibe of the coast just as easily as the heart-pounding energy of storm watching and sports do.