Snug in the cockpit of your kayak, you point the bow toward the Broken Group Islands off Vancouver Island’s rugged west coast.

An experienced kayaker, you launched at Torquat Bay to the north, crossing the open ocean to the more than 100 islands in the Broken Group. The prevailing westerly wind slows your progress and the rising sun has yet to burn off a morning fog.

Your first destination is the campsite on Willis Island, one of seven designated camping locations in the group of islands, part of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. From there, you set out on day-long trips, paddling the sheltered waters among the rocky islands. A sea lion pops up beside your kayak, then follows you into a small, sandy beach.

You spend a good hour on the beach, eating lunch, watching bald eagles and exploring tidal pools for marine life. For seven days you island-hop, picking different campsites each night. Later, by pre-arrangement, a charter boat will pick up you and your kayak for transport back to Vancouver Island and further adventure.

You’ve arrived on Quadra Island, off Campbell River, and have made your way to Heriot Bay. Ahead lies an easy 10-kilometer along the east coast of the island to Open Bay. You put in at the last of four sandy beaches before heading to nearby Breton Island where, you’ve been told, sea lions gather. You spend the rest of the day watching these huge mammals frolic in the water.

As the sun begins its descent, you pull your kayak up on the ramp at Heriot Bay, lash it to the roof-racks and head to the nearby historic inn for dinner.


As you can tell, Vancouver Island is a fantastic kayaking destination, with numerous areas to experience the wonders of the Pacific Ocean. No matter where you are on Vancouver Island, there’s a great place to go kayaking nearby. From scenic harbour paddles, to multi-day expeditions, you will be able to experience the beauty of British Columbia like never before in a kayak.