starfish-in-east-sooke-parkIt’s no secret: Vancouver Island is jam packed with parks & wilderness experiences.

With so many opportunities of exploration squeezed onto the island, one of the privileged problems residents and visitors struggle with is choosing which place to go. In these pages we’ve provided an overview of most of the parks, be them national parks (there’s only two) or provincial parks and regional parks (there’s a gazillion of the latter!).

There are numerous areas of protected green space scattered across Vancouver Island. Provincial, national and regional parks all make up slices of paradise where locals and visitors alike come to spend their time. You can hike, camp, see cascading waterfalls, enjoy well-maintained walkways for a stroll, take-in ocean views, kayak between emerald islands, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime within these areas.

We shouldn’t have to say this, but folks must take care to leave these amazing locations just as they found them. Imagine hiking for days in a remote section of the island and stumbling over a cache of trash left behind by previous visitors. Sadly, not everyone adheres to the Leave No Trace ethos, which can spoil the experience of visiting a pristine spot. The old adage “If you pack it in, pack it out.” applies the these places more than ever.

In addition to this Parks section, there are other pages in this guide that provide information about Vancouver Island adventures. Many of these outdoor activities take place in Vancouver Island’s marine and terrestrial parks, so make sure to browse these sections, especially if your are an exploratory soul. Whether it’s sea kayaking in the Broken Group Islands or caving at Horne Lake, so many of our area’s journey’s take place in protected areas of various designations.

What are you waiting for? Get out of that chair, turn off the screen and get outside! Find the park that bests suits your needs and start exploring. Don’t worry, there’s be wifi in some spots along the way, so you can check back with VancouverIslandAbound to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Happy Adventuring!